Thursday, December 1, 2011

Style Spotlight

 Her style is so fresh and new, how could I not shine the spotlight on this woman's unique 
sense of style. The lovely Solange Knowles is so effortless when it comes to putting 
together pieces that others wouldn't even try. Her eye for mix/matching prints and use of bold 
in your face colors have seem to do nothing but land her a spot in my very short list of style icons. 
I love the way this woman dresses, she does no wrong in my eyes when it comes to fashion.  
As a fashion forward muslim woman, I take a few cues from Solange when it comes to my hijabs
 and statement pieces in my closet. I try to use bold colored hijabs and funky printed hijabs to spice
 up a plain everyday outfit. I also buy colorful cardigans and blazers because it can be the
 extra piece to your outfit.So here are few pictures so that you can see for yourself. 
Enjoy Ladies!!!

XoXo Ladies

2 comments: said...

shes one funky lady! love it!


I know I would love to shop in her closet.