Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Run to the City

So today my friend Danielle and I took a trip to the city. We went to Macy's on 34th street
 and had some lunch right after. We both decided to check out the MAC counter because 
I wanted to check it out and Dani wanted a new lipstick shade. I am not much of a 
makeup type of girl the most I do is put on some gel eyeliner, eye shadow, blush and lip gloss 
and I'm headed out the door. Well since the post I did on the Iris Apfel collaboration with 
Mac Cosmetics, I decided to take a plunge. So I bought my first liquid foundation and lipstick. I'm a 23 year old woman buying her first lipstick and foundation; better late than never I guess.
I am very pleased with my purchase cause as soon as I got home I put it on and had a little mini photo shoot and sent my pics to Dani (she sent me pictures of hers as well). So here are a few pictures of me, and don't forget ladies its not to late to try something new.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Fashionista of the Month

I've decided to start a cool new aspect  to my and its called Muslimah of the Month. I decided that since there are so many young fashionable muslim women out there I should share it with the world. So ladies feel free to email me your fashion forward pictures and a short description of your style and inspirations.
The Muslimah of the Month for January 2012 is Anisah , here are a few pictures of her amazing style.

Anisah has a fun but sophisticated style, her mix of new school and vinatge is very eye catching. Hijabs in Lace and Lepoard are a constant in her closet. You can catch Anisah in floor length maxi's and Abayas in beautiful colors, she always adds a vintage touch with her dangling necklaces, sparkly rings and bangles. Oh and lets not forget her handbags, you can always spot her clutching a new one in a pretty color and a different style.

Anisah says she gets her inspiration from being herself and knowing what she believes in and standing strong  for her religion.  Anisah says " I live in a world where fashion has no limits. A world where reality, personality and creativity is expressed in clothing. A world where people of various cultures share a common fervor."

If you would like to check out Anisah's blog click here.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Iris Apfel + MAC = Greatest Collaboration Ever

  While reading my Nylon magazine this afternoon, I came across a short article on Iris Apfel and her collaboration with MAC cosmetics on her own signature line. If some of you may be wondering who is Iris Apfel I will be glad to put you up to be speed she is a 90 year old fashionista who has been strutting her stuff down these NYC streets for years in the finest and funkiest of outfits. Apfel's looks consist of "fabrics, textures haute couture and flea market finds", she has been a major inspiration to a lot of fashionistas that we may be familiar with; the Olsen's and Alexis Bittar.  Nonetheless Apfel's style is quite eye catching and if your a lover of color you will love her.

 For Apfel's MAC collection there are eye shadows named Silver Gull, Robin's Egg, Diamond Dove and Early Bird; nail polish in Toco Toucan, Sandpiper and Oriele. The lipstick hues sound just as exciting with names like Pink Pigeon, Flamingo and Party Parrot. Apfel's line will be dropping on January 5th, 2012 so I hope all you ladies get a chance to shop at MAC.
OH!! Here a re a few pic of Iris Apfel's style.

XoXo Ladies

Just Me and a Good Magazine

I had a pretty busy day yesterday doing things around the house such as cleaning, cooking and I sewed for a bit. So today is my "kick my feet up" day. I'm cozying up with a good magazine a few girly movies and I may even do my nails. Hope you ladies enjoy your day!!!

XoXo Ladies

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rachel Zoe

 Pre-Fall 2012 : Rachel Zoe

 Rachel Zoe seems to be sticking to her usual 70's inspired flair but she's also serving up some 6o's mod. All her pieces seem to be flow maxi's, lean- flared trousers, sleek blazers and sexy minidresses. With clean silhouettes and an impeccable color palette that seems to have just the right touch of color, this collection is a hit to me. I mean anything that has a beautiful print and in chiffon is a win-win for me not to mention matte-sequins. I hope all you ladies enjoy!!!


Hello Ladies, the other day I was checking out one of my daily read blogs 
called Atlantic-Pacific and I absolutely loved one of her outfit of the day posts. I loved it so much that I decided to Muslimah it, if that term makes any sense or you can say 
Hijabified it lol. Anyway this young women has incredible style, I love her layering 
technique is so effortless and her closet seems to have the best color palette from periwinkle cashmere sweaters to satin mini skirts and leopard loafers. I will stop
there because I can litteraly go on for days. If you would like to check out more of Atlantic-Pacific's style other than this picture below click here


Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspire Me

This young woman has incredible sense of style and if I had the chance I would tear a few
 pages from her book of inspiration because she is "giving me life"with her style. Don't take
 my word for it check out Konstantina Tzagaraki's
lookbook style for yourself....

Click Here to check out more of Konstantina Tzagaraki's Lookbook outfits 

XoXo Ladies