Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hijab Fashion Week (Day 4)

Today is  the fourth day of Hijab Fashion Week and the theme is to dress as though 
your a going on vacation. Well this was way to easy for me because I recently went 
on vacation with my husband to Istanbul and Paris. So I'm going to post pictures
 of my trip to Istanbul, because I have yet to upload all my Paris pictures (i'm so lazy lol).

In pictures 1,2 & 3 I'm wearing a
  •  Navy blue abaya
  • H&M Blazer/ Jacket
  • A hijab made by yours truly (Stylish Hijabs And Scarves)


                                            XoXo Ladies

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Hijab Fashion Week (Day 3)

    Today is the third day Hijab Fashion Week and the purpose of this day's
    outfit is to takeone fashion rule you follow and break it with style.
    I was stumped by this when I first read it but then I thought about it
    and knew exactly what I was going to do. Since its cold here in 
    NYC, there a certain articles of  clothing I just don't wear and one
     is linen pants. I only wear linen pants in the summer and spring to
    stay cool, but I figured I could make it wearable
     in the fall or winter. So here it is ladies, curtesy
     of polyvore due to me having to work all day.

    A Fall Look

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    Hijab Fashion Week (Day 2)

     Today's look for the second day of Hijab Fashion Week is Hobby/Recreation look. 
    So I decided to take pictures of what I do on my free time. On my free time 
    I like to blog of course but I also love to sew, I actually started a line of 
    hijabs called Stylish Hijabs And Scarves. So here are the pictures from one 
    of my favorite hobbies. Ladies don't forget if your interested in checking out other 
    outfit posts from Hijab Fashion Week for inspiration or to participate
     click here

    • Top is from H&M
    • Hijab created by me (Stylish Hijabs And Scarves)
    • Shoes and Jewelry are vintage 
    • Jeans are Levis

      XoXo Ladies

      Sunday, November 27, 2011

      Hijab Fashion Week (Day 1)

       Today is the start of Hijab Fashion Week and I'm so excited I can hardly wait to post
       all my looks. The first  look to kick off this exciting week long event is 
      Leaders in Hijab!!!. The Leadership Role that I have is that of a teacher, I do
       work in an Islamic school, so this is what I wear when working with my first 
      grade students, not to glamourous but relaxed and comfortable. So without further
       rambling on in excitement here is my look. Also ladies if your interested in keeping 
      up with this event (participating or to get inspiration on different styles of dressing) 
      click here.

      • Plain Black Abaya 
      • Chunky Knitted Sweater
      • Black Hijab with Gold detailing 
      • Patent Leather Flats  
      • Jewelry from Afaze


                                                                    XoXo Ladies

        Saturday, November 26, 2011

        Outfit of the Day!!

         Today was a chill day for me, I went to a class that I attend every saturday and
         afterwards took some pictures of my outfit. I decided to do an outfit post because I 
        thought it was about time that I gave my readers a glimpse of 
        a "regular" day outfit. 

        My dress and cardigan is from Forever 21, necklace is from H&M, and my hijab was a gift.
        I hope you ladies enjoyed this post, hopefully I will be doing plenty more.

        XoXo Ladies

        Friday, November 25, 2011

        Bohemian Rhapsody

        There are quite a few people that inspire my personal sense of style, individuals
        like Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie, Solange Knowles, and the Olsen Twins. There
        style in my eyes is just so fresh, new and effortlessly done. These ladies are always
        keeping me in anticipation to see whats the next thing I should be stocking my closet
        with. My style has changed over the years but I have seemed to find my niche, the
        ever so cool, laid back, colorful, disheveled (nicely done of course), boho vibe.
         I have become the queen of layering and have been stuffing
        my dresser draws with
        • paisley tops
        • chunky knitted sweaters 
        • kimono styled tops/jackets 
        • wide legged jeans
        • maxi dresses/ maxi skirts
        • hijabs in all prints, colors and textures
        I bought all of these items just so that I can accomplish my new look. I recently
        turned 23 a couple weeks ago and realized that my style needed a little boost and
        so now that I've finally figured out my own personal style, I can start strutting
        my stuff (just kidding). Of course with each of these looks my hijab will be subtle and
         I would personally match them with my knitted sweater or boho styled top.
        Here's a look into the ways I will be putting my
        wide legged jeans and chunkyknitted sweaters into effect for winter.

        Layering Up





        Thursday, November 24, 2011

        Chunky Knits

        I know that I haven't posted in quite some time but I'm back in full 
        effect and just in time to let you girls know whats in for those brisk winter 
        days. I recently came back from my vacation to Turkey and France
         and was instantly in amazement of style the local people possessed. So with that 
        being said I bought a sweater or two in France, I came back to give you lady's
        a peek into what type of sweaters i'm in love with. I hope you lovely ladies 
        stay warm.

        Chunky Knits