Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hijab Fashion Week (Day 1)

 Today is the start of Hijab Fashion Week and I'm so excited I can hardly wait to post
 all my looks. The first  look to kick off this exciting week long event is 
Leaders in Hijab!!!. The Leadership Role that I have is that of a teacher, I do
 work in an Islamic school, so this is what I wear when working with my first 
grade students, not to glamourous but relaxed and comfortable. So without further
 rambling on in excitement here is my look. Also ladies if your interested in keeping 
up with this event (participating or to get inspiration on different styles of dressing) 
click here.

  • Plain Black Abaya 
  • Chunky Knitted Sweater
  • Black Hijab with Gold detailing 
  • Patent Leather Flats  
  • Jewelry from Afaze


                                                                XoXo Ladies


    Haute Muslimah said...

    I love that chunky cardigan over your abaya!

    Nadia said...

    Ohhh I really love how many of the posts on Hijabi Fashion Week are of teachers! Yay, more inspiration for myself too! :) I love how simple your outfit is and you paired it with the amazing knitted sweater. Gosh, if only Singapore wasn't so hot, I'd totally rock this look too! Heheh.

    Shums said...

    Love the sweater! Beautiful outfit masha Allah :)

    STYLISH HIJAB said...

    Thank You Ladies for taking the time to comment on my outfit post, I really appreciate it!!!!! I wish I lived in Singapore right now because NYC has only begun to get cold.

    soso said...

    so up my street !!
    j'adore !! said...

    love the cardi!

    ammara said...

    i really love that sweater also!

    Amie said...

    OMG, I love the ENTIRE outfit. It's so cute.