Monday, November 28, 2011

Hijab Fashion Week (Day 2)

 Today's look for the second day of Hijab Fashion Week is Hobby/Recreation look. 
So I decided to take pictures of what I do on my free time. On my free time 
I like to blog of course but I also love to sew, I actually started a line of 
hijabs called Stylish Hijabs And Scarves. So here are the pictures from one 
of my favorite hobbies. Ladies don't forget if your interested in checking out other 
outfit posts from Hijab Fashion Week for inspiration or to participate
 click here

  • Top is from H&M
  • Hijab created by me (Stylish Hijabs And Scarves)
  • Shoes and Jewelry are vintage 
  • Jeans are Levis

    XoXo Ladies


    romaseba said...
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    ammara said...

    nicely done pics!