Friday, November 25, 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody

There are quite a few people that inspire my personal sense of style, individuals
like Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie, Solange Knowles, and the Olsen Twins. There
style in my eyes is just so fresh, new and effortlessly done. These ladies are always
keeping me in anticipation to see whats the next thing I should be stocking my closet
with. My style has changed over the years but I have seemed to find my niche, the
ever so cool, laid back, colorful, disheveled (nicely done of course), boho vibe.
 I have become the queen of layering and have been stuffing
my dresser draws with
  • paisley tops
  • chunky knitted sweaters 
  • kimono styled tops/jackets 
  • wide legged jeans
  • maxi dresses/ maxi skirts
  • hijabs in all prints, colors and textures
I bought all of these items just so that I can accomplish my new look. I recently
turned 23 a couple weeks ago and realized that my style needed a little boost and
so now that I've finally figured out my own personal style, I can start strutting
my stuff (just kidding). Of course with each of these looks my hijab will be subtle and
 I would personally match them with my knitted sweater or boho styled top.
Here's a look into the ways I will be putting my
wide legged jeans and chunkyknitted sweaters into effect for winter.

Layering Up





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