Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hijab Fashion Week (Day 5)

Today is the fifth day of Hijab Fashion Week and the theme is to create Eid/Formal wear. 
Let me start off by saying that this was actually my second time celebrating Eid and it was 
very well spent. I enjoyed prayer with my husband and his family and enjoyed the 
festivities for the remainder of the day. My outfit for Eid was designed by me, the 
fabric was chosen by me but my lovely aunt sewed it for me. Since then she has put 
together a few other abayas and dresses for me but I have yet to unveil them. 
So without further waiting here are my Eid pictures, enjoy ladies.

XoXo Ladies


Fatima khan said...

love the boho print of your dress, very cute... xxx

LaiLa said...

I like the print too, it's so cool, and also it's so cute that you have designed your dress!

@Vvafa said...

MashaAllah, it's lovely! Kimono sleeves, definitely something I'd like to try next time!

Thanks for sharing,
Wafa of <a href="></a>

M.y.A said...

Masyallah the kaftan is gorjuz on you!!
Love it!

~Nur Zulaiha~ said...

really nie printed dress!!

i was thinking to have it one~~

visit mine to =)
and do leave a comment,i wanted to know yr opinion (^__^) said...

ohhhh!!! LOVE ur kimono!!


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