Monday, December 26, 2011

Fashionista of the Month

I've decided to start a cool new aspect  to my and its called Muslimah of the Month. I decided that since there are so many young fashionable muslim women out there I should share it with the world. So ladies feel free to email me your fashion forward pictures and a short description of your style and inspirations.
The Muslimah of the Month for January 2012 is Anisah , here are a few pictures of her amazing style.

Anisah has a fun but sophisticated style, her mix of new school and vinatge is very eye catching. Hijabs in Lace and Lepoard are a constant in her closet. You can catch Anisah in floor length maxi's and Abayas in beautiful colors, she always adds a vintage touch with her dangling necklaces, sparkly rings and bangles. Oh and lets not forget her handbags, you can always spot her clutching a new one in a pretty color and a different style.

Anisah says she gets her inspiration from being herself and knowing what she believes in and standing strong  for her religion.  Anisah says " I live in a world where fashion has no limits. A world where reality, personality and creativity is expressed in clothing. A world where people of various cultures share a common fervor."

If you would like to check out Anisah's blog click here.

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