Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Mean Sense Of Style

 Today was a very eventful day for me, I just arrived home from a long day of walking, shopping, talking and laughing on the NYC streets with my friend Danielle. Now normally after a day like this I take a shower and go to bed but I decided to shower and give you a treat before I drift off to dreamland. Now I have very few style inspirations but I decided to give you all an inside look on one of my favorites. This young woman is known for being a mean girl on the reality show The Hills, but to mean she has a mean sense of style and is always on point when it comes to fashion. YES, YES OLIVIA PALERMO. Please don't get me wrong I love Whitney Port just as much as the next girl,  but every time this girl steps out she dresses to kill (in the nicest way possible). Olivia seems to have impeccable taste when it comes to the accessories she wears, her shoes always makes a statement and her clothes are always what you wished you had in your closet. I like her even more because some of her outfits seem to be Muslimah friendly. Just to give you a look at what I'm discussing here are a couple pictures of her.

                                                                  XoXo Ladies


YazmiinAktar said...

she looks absolutely stunning in that photo shoot picture!!

oh and thank you for following my blog! <3
[] xx
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missbianca said...

I really love her style too! though i never seen her, my favs would definitely be the white maxi dress and the second to last with that chic jacket.

Well im just passing through, i really like ur blog! Until next time, ciao!


Thank You both for commenting, because of you taking the time to check out my blog I have decided to start my blog up again and stay focused on my hijab and scarf line.... Thank You both again, Oh and i'm def following your blogs

XoXo Ladies