Monday, July 18, 2011

Draped In Scarves

I recently did a little shopping and I decided to only buy scarves, Yes ladies I am serious, I only bought scarves. Now when I purchase scarves I have a few guidelines

  •  Must be a statement piece; vibrant in color and soft in texture
  •  Must be comfortable, this is very important because no-one likes to keep fiddling with their Hijabs all day 
My scarf collection has grown tremendously over the past  two years, I pretty much have a scarf for every outfit. Like any covering Muslim women, we all take pride in covering and therefor have our very own favorite scarves to wear; as well as  the way we wear them. For some women its the plain black hijab or the squared colored hijab or in my case its the long vibrant colored hijab with the lace under piece. Whatever style you have the one thing that is known is that you feel beautiful wearing it inside and out.

                               XoXo Ladies

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